How to run the Trustchain Crawler serviceΒΆ

This document is a short walkthrough to set up IPv8 and run Trustchain Crawler from scratch.


  1. Git is installed. If not, please check here.
  2. Python3.7+ is installed. If not, please check here.
  3. Python PIP is available in PATH and pip command is working.
  4. PyCharm IDE (optional) if you want to make changes to the code. Download link here.


  1. First you need to download the py-ipv8 source code from Github.

    git clone
  2. Install the requirements for py-ipv8.

    cd py-ipv8
    python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. As we are running as a service, we require a few additional dependencies:
    1. Install Libsodium
    2. Yappi - a profiling tool
    python3 -m pip install yappi
  4. Now we are ready to run the Trustchain crawler. To run it, execute the following in the command line from within py-ipv8 directory. In Windows, use Git Bash instead of default command line.

    export PYTHONPATH=.
    python3 scripts/
  5. The Trustchain crawler should now be running. To confirm, open the following URL in the browser:


    If the crawler service is working fine, you should be able to see the recent Trustchain blocks represented in JSON. An example is shown below.

       "blocks": [
           "public_key": "4c69624e61434c504b3ab98b72619ffe33d77e0ba012c99c351f85f16ef75408b365bcb6a1504f7de84c579d5c8d3b61bd7909078e7b3baa32c90e4c2f91e9a823b2afb8feba2d63e653",
               "transaction": {
               "down": 0,
               "total_down": 1870159641,
               "up": 2537298,
               "total_up": 11840925775
           "hash": "75b1ad2b0dbdfe60e3c4fc35b5f836cb281bd8ff9396c78686e21b9d4d9513c6",
           "timestamp": 1547619629245,
           "link_public_key": "4c69624e61434c504b3aaf9ffc1ac1d2218428560606e7011767b0f99d10262f74ecae7ba7f3b7f2f4531e5b17f3805b9b495d985a8ee330c957ac464aec956072b49f4cb8e87b60fd3a",
           "type": "tribler_bandwidth",
           "insert_time": "2019-01-21 09:33:38",
           "signature": "314eb32bd5a8d49489e287e588795147a4def4e2ac066d12a48b416999cf69041d6dcf417faf8ee46ee339c745882e5ae276df102d2af73008f806ba73e1bd07",
           "previous_hash": "ffd0fb6b2ab633947dfde836d0fa37279c2bd8297b2769dc06a3fc4a9221b3c2",
           "link_sequence_number": 851,
           "sequence_number": 425
           "public_key": "4c69624e61434c504b3a669b77697b1092c377932362be5847732a002e8fdb09c52649c013d0cbbb457a8ee267e711576a59ff0310bbfd1fd49c801d841560688a163377f6089637ae4e",
           "transaction": {
               "down": 0,
               "total_down": 107140624998,
               "up": 2152886,
               "total_up": 1537265292586
           "hash": "36a02c6a61d11ca924ad4cb11f58546af8ab1c840a014b182cad1fbe499b4014",
           "timestamp": 1547619040285,
           "link_public_key": "4c69624e61434c504b3aaf9ffc1ac1d2218428560606e7011767b0f99d10262f74ecae7ba7f3b7f2f4531e5b17f3805b9b495d985a8ee330c957ac464aec956072b49f4cb8e87b60fd3a",
           "type": "tribler_bandwidth",
           "insert_time": "2019-01-21 09:33:36",
           "signature": "2ef1bf3c5e4621df814c2970ea6e64acbf6bcb5c29670ea2a8ffdca5f1a85bce05460a7f6ebef58e34b65b2d989177c502a94effbd51467f80302557cf50900c",
           "previous_hash": "c0a42d3cd7dc29128e43c1be4182bc7a18133f6201c81416f6cd2929cb1cde5b",
           "link_sequence_number": 848,
           "sequence_number": 67260