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This endpoint is responsible for handling requests for DHT data.

class latest.ipv8.REST.dht_endpoint.DHTEndpoint

Bases: latest.ipv8.REST.base_endpoint.BaseEndpoint[latest.ipv8.types.IPv8]

This endpoint is responsible for handling requests for DHT data.

setup_routes() None

Register the names to make this endpoint callable.

initialize(session: latest.ipv8.types.IPv8) None

Initialize this endpoint for the given session instance.

async get_statistics(_: latest.ipv8.REST.base_endpoint.Response

Return DHT statistics.

async get_peer(request: latest.ipv8.REST.base_endpoint.Response

Connect to a peer using the DHT.

async get_stored_values(_: latest.ipv8.REST.base_endpoint.Response

Get a list of locally stored key-value pairs from the DHT.

async get_values(request: latest.ipv8.REST.base_endpoint.Response

Lookup the values for a specific key on the DHT.

async put_value(request: latest.ipv8.REST.base_endpoint.Response

Store a key-value pair on the DHT.

async get_buckets(_: latest.ipv8.REST.base_endpoint.Response

Return a list of all buckets in the routing table of the DHT community.

async refresh_bucket(request: latest.ipv8.REST.base_endpoint.Response

Prefix of the bucket which to refresh.